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On Demand Courses

Impartations & Conditions
in Dreams

In this course, you will understand the difference between impartations, promises and conditons, and how to partner with your dreams to see it come to life.
If you want to see your dreams' potential unlocked, this is the course for you. 
90' course, Lifetime playback
Paronamic View vs.
Microscopic View
How to Zoom In & Zoom Out
of your dreams 

Capture  your dreams 
Highlights, Keys & Details 

Character in Dreams 

This is a practical course on dream recall, with tools to develop your ability to capture your dreams upon awakening. 
Develop the ability to remeber your dreams in greater detail than you imagined possible.
50' course, Lifetime Playback
50' course, lifetime playback
When you see people in your dreams, how do you know whether the dream is for you, or for them?
In this course, you will be able to understand who the dream is for, and how to respond to both types of dreams. 
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