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Mentorship Programme

Our Mentorship Programme is now open for Autumn 2024.
This exciting programme is for you, if you have taken the Dream Interpretation Workshops with us, but would like to advance your Dream Interpretation Skills with tailored coaching in regular small group mentoring throughout the year.
The programme will run from October 2024 - June 2025.

       Programme Content

  • Personalised Development Plan for the Year

  • 2 x 30’ Personal Tailored Mentoring with Satoko

  • Bi-monthly Small Group Mentoring on Dream Interpretation

  • 5 Tailored Activations

  • 5 Personalised Feedback with Development Guidance

  • Coaching and Guidance on Interpreting Others’ Dreams

  • Navigating Revelation in the Dream World

  • Certificate of Completion

       Mondays 7-8pm



Application is open to those who have completed the following 4 core modules:

  • Destiny Dreams

  • Healing Dreams

  • Dark Dreams

  • Nation Changing Dreams

Purchase your 2024 Premium Access Ticket now and ensure you meet all eligibility requirements.

Annual Programme Fee

8 payments of £55 total of £440

1 payment of £395 saving £45


Dream On! International is committed to equipping dreamers from all around the world to pursue the art of Dream Interpretation. There will be one bursary place available each year sponsored by Dream On! International.

Please fill in the bursary section on the application form.

There are only 12 places available on the 2024-2025 mentoring programme for the benefit of accelerated learning.

Applications are now open. Please complete the application form below and email


Applications close 30th April and we will be in touch by the 31st May.

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