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Partner with Us

Equipping Dreamers in Developing Nations

We desire to go to the developing nations where the understanding of dreams is needed the most.

Your financial support enables us to visit these nations at a regularity that would otherwise be difficult. Thank you for being a part of igniting the destiny of the Nations.

Equipping Dreamers All Over the World 

It’s our dream to equip dreamers in every continent, country and language.

We desire to translate our teaching materials to reach every Nation. 

Your financial support will enable us to translate our On Demand Library dream teaching.

Equipping Dreamers for the Next Generation

We run a Mentorship Programme to raise up the next generation of Dream Interpreters and Dream Coaches. Applicants are assessed by their dream journey, dedication and suitability regardless of their financial situation through our Mentorship Programme Bursary Fund.

Partner with us to raise up the upcoming dream specialists across the world.

*£395 will cover the cost of one placement of 10 months' training with us.

Thank you for partnering with us to equip the Nations in dreams.

May there be a continual overflow in your life in dreams, resources, purpose, and fulfilment of serving the world around us.

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