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This ticket gives you access to all five courses of our brand new Master Tasters series in 2024, designed to expand your ability as a dream interpreter, revelator and communicator.


We will dive into the realm of revelation to extract the messages in our dreams and explore how to communicate effectively so that you can deeply impact your world. 


As dreamers we are called to steward our time and society, and are given the tools to share our future together through dreams. 


The Master Tasters are designed for those who have completed our Live Dream Interpretation Workshops and recommended for those on our Mentorship and Masterclass Programmes. 


If you have completed our On Demand Courses and would like to activate the foundational Dream Interpretation Principles, our Dream Tasters Series will activate your interpretation skills in more detail.


This package has 10% off applied, with an additional complimentary Q&A session with Satoko on all the things that may baffle us from the dream world. 


The Master Tasters Package includes:



Each Taster will be recorded and available for playback purposes for two weeks.


Join us to expand your capacity as a dream interpreter and to faciliate the life changing power of dreams for our world. 

Master Tasters Package: All 2024 Master Tasters

  • Saturdays:

    27 January 4:30-6pm GMT

    9 March 4:30-6pm GMT

    27 April 4:30-6pm BST

    6 July 4:30-6pm BST

    28 September 4:30-6pm BST

  • You will receive the Zoom Links to the Master Tasters in the Welcome email that you'll receive after purchase so please check your Spam/Junk folder if you don't see it in your inbox and mark us as 'Safe'.

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